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Re: adjustable shocks FYI- long

From: lars
Email: pine twee twee too twee (thanks tweety)
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Date: July 24, 2003


Check your interchange, I believe these may fit the 56. However all the other info is good. L. Shocks 916-484-3434 800-442-8333 Select Year Mustang 1965-73 What is the best performance shock absorber? Of course, this would be the shock that: Improves ride and handling, stabilizes vehicle through turns but does not offer a harsh ride. Is this really possible? Yes. We have just the shock absorber for you. But first, let's discuss the options facing you in the market place today. Factory Replacement Shocks. Factory replacement shocks usually have a bore diameter less that 1". The valving gives a satisfactory ride and is intended for strictly street or non-spirited driving. Some body roll will be evident. Product names you will be familiar with are Ford Motorcraft or Monroe Matic. These are excellent shocks for the job they are designed to do. Koni was original supplier to the 1965-1968 Shelby and offers a very controlled ride. Koni shocks are adjustable to 5 different settings, firm to really firm!! Koni shocks are best used on vintage performance vehicles because of the unforgiving ride qualities. Gabriel Stryder was original equipment on 67-70 GT Mustangs. Gabriel Manufacturing and Ford Motor Company joined forces and designed a shock to match the Mustangs weight, coil and leaf spring ride height and characteristics. The Stryder was available with 3-way adjustable settings that allowed driver control over ride quality. The Gabriel Stryder went out of normal production in the mid 70's but, due to popular demand by Mustang owners they are still being produced for us. The KYB gas shock is the only real contender for gas shock in the Mustang category. The KYB was never intended for use on the early Mustang, but was designed for light duty truck use. Due to lack of availability of Mustang replacement shocks about 10 years ago, KYB Corporation took their light truck application and installed early Mustang style mounting. Thus the KYB Mustang shock was born. The KYB offers a very controlled ride and is an improvement over factory replacement units. However, on the relatively light Mustang chassis the KYB can create a "bouncy" feel to the suspension. Millions of KYB shocks have been installed on the early Mustang. So, what is the best Mustang Shock Absorber? The Gabriel Stryder!! Gabriel Manufacturing builds the Stryder for Sacramento Mustang on a special order basis. From the 1965 6 cylinder to the 1973 429 SCJ Mustang we have found the Stryder to offer the best all around ride and control without the harshness found in the Koni or KYB shock. Shocks sold in sets of 4: Monroe Matic, 1965-1973 79.00; Gabriel Stryder, 1965-1970 109.00; KYB shocks, 1965-1973 129.00; KONI shocks, 1965-1970 See shopping Cart for current pricing


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