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Re: power steering leaks

From: Herman Parker
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Date: July 27, 2003


The lower seal is replacable. Before you do anything, find a new seal - maybe NAPA. You will need a pitman arm puller and a small finger type seal puller. Most auto parts will loan them for a deposit. Remove the pitman arm and pull the seal with a finger type seal puller. Compare the new seal with the old one - id and od. If they are the same, clean as much of the shaft and housing seal bore as you can with solvent and q-tips and/or a rag. Lube the shaft and the seal with ATF and carefully drive in the new seal. Reinstall the pitman arm - index it to the "slot in the pitman arm to the tab on the shaft (or mark the arm and shaft before you remove it). Torque the nut per specs for your car. About 7 times out of 10, this repair works on "in car" installations. The unknown is any pitting or wear grooves on the shaft where the seal sits. Hope this helps. Herman


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