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por-15 TOPCOAT

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 27, 2003


for those that don't know about por-15 here is a brief summary---por-15 is designed to prevent and stop rust---permanently---guaranteed or you money back $ 95.per gallon---seems to be good product---but expensive---a few weeks ago i applied por-15 to my front frame section of my 60 dart(first mopar unibody)---went good---next---top coat---they say you can use theirs or some other---i picked theirs---was hard to build up coat---it was very thin it took 2 qts.$38.per quart---a whole of lot of paint for a front frame section---with the rest of my front end parts needing done i decided there has to be a comparable chassi paint for less cost---this is what i am going to use as topcoat---agri systems tractor & implement enamel part #4432-19 low gloss black made by BPS PAINT CO.a division of VALSPAR CORP.---a well known leader in the paint industry$7.95 per quart---i did a test spot on a piece of old fender---it turned out te be a 9.99 match to the por-15 chassi black---the BPS low gloss black can be had for $19.99 a gallon---verses$140.00 for por-15 top coat---good savings---great finish---i don't see this as cutting corners---but saving money---hope i helped with someones restoration costs---later---chuck lowe


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