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Re: valve seats

From: Larry H
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Date: July 28, 2003


Hi, I work in an automotive machine shop and we as a general rule don't suggest installing harden seats unless it is in a heavy duty application such as a truck or car that does towing or in a hot rod application that has the heck run out of it. If your just driving your car and everything is in good working order especially the carb. you should not need harden valve seats. If carb is running to lean it causes higher cyl. temps that will cause the seat area to beat out. Vacum leaks can cause the same effect as lean carb. I drive my 60 Desoto almost every single day and it does not have harden seats. Now if you really want to get it done for insurance that you won't have a problem you can but I personally think its unneeded. As far as cost that's had to say machine shop pricing is differnt in differnt areas of the country. In my area (Northeast TN) to do a good valve job with harden seats it would run about $400 - $450 for both heads depending on the condition of all the parts in the heads (Valves, springs, etc.) to do a valve job without putting in harden seats it would run about $200 - $250. Hope this helps you. Larry


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