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Re: valve seats

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 28, 2003


first thing i did when i pulled engine from my 60 dart 318 was to take heads to machine shop---i had them totaly redone---valves---seats---guides---keepers---seals---etc.---the old valves were in great shape for 43yrs. old running on unleaded gas---i did it that way for peace of mind---and the fact that guides were leaking---would i have had them redone if guides didn't leak---probably not---we decided when i bought the car it would get the best i could afford or waite until i could---total cost of heads were $556.26---work done by bridgeport auto-bridgeport, ohio---not a bad price for piece of mind---you can also use a lead additive---to help buffer valves with unleaded gas---here in can find it everywhere---hope i helped---chuck lowe


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