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need help fast...go to college in two weeks!!

From: Arthur Ash III
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Date: July 28, 2003


Hello everyone, more questions for you. First off, has anyone replaced the roofrail weatherstripping on a '58 Plymouth or similar? I'm doing just that and the chrome plate the weatherstripping & metal part attach to will NOT go back under the chrome piece that runs the length of the roof. I know it goes under that because I had trouble getting it out from underneath it. It has rusted under it from someone not putting it back under the chrome trim and I don't want to take it back off in a couple of years. Anyone had problems with that and come up with a solution to fix it? I bought a complete weatherstripping kit from Andy Bernbaum and in it was the window guides. They look a little long and I was wondering if they need to be cut or what? They're like 6" too long. And also, has anyone bought this kit and run into problems? If so, could you tell me so I can avoid the same problem. Also, I haven't replaced anything as far as the suspension except for shocks. The back sags due to worn out leaf springs and it feels stiff in general. Is it okay to drive it around town as is or is there anything in particular I should get replaced right now just in case. I appreciate everyone reading this and helping me out. I go to college 75 miles away in 2 weeks and I really wanted to take the Plymouth up there and continue working on it. If I don't get it running and roadworthy before then it'll be a very slow process to fix it up. Thanks everyone, Arthur Ash


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