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Re: power steering leaks

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: July 29, 2003


Now, for the hi-buk option--Horace's P/S gearbox was leaking like a sieve (now, that's an original analogy-but, accurate!) so, I bought a 'replacemwent' unit, from a wrecking yard ($250.00), & had IT be O/H'ed by Lares Corp (advertises in Hemmings), so Horrie would not have to be 'undrivable', for any of a LOT of "long" term scenarios, if I had 'his' unit be removed, & sent "out"! Also, his unit was leaking badly, so how "bad" could a REFURBISHED-unit be? Lares charged me $400.00, for their work, but sent me the unit (which I had had be directly-sent to them, by the wrecking yard) painted a 'ghastly' semi-gloss black (to cover the GRODY-finish, on the wrecking-yard unit. Stripping-off Lares' paintwork was not difficult, nor was the wire-wheel-polishing of the unit, by me--I then clear-coated the polished rebuilt-unit, installed it, and...................found that that unit worked FINE!!!!! (thank god, or, whomever!)--the 'standard' Lares-adjustment on that unit has great road feel, & I would (am) recommend(ing) them to a friend--just be sure to tell them, that if they're not gonna polish the case, then, please 'forego' the "black" paint!! Neil Vedder


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