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Re: por-15 TOPCOAT

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: July 29, 2003


Chuck, when I first got Harace, his undercarriage looked leprositic!! I 'rented' a big forklift, and sandblasted the entire 'belly'. Then--here comes the high-tech/expenso part [NOT!!] I sprayed Zinc Chromate to the belly/frame, then spray-painted gloss-black over the Zinc--probably used 6 cans of 'each'. Then , I had the undercarriage be (re-) undercoated--all I've done, in ensuing years (when I used to 'show' the car) was re-spray the undercarriage, while masking-off the exhaust system. POR is FINE, but who needs NUKE-PRUF undercarriage finish, if "We're" not driving our cars in/on salty/slushy roads? (let alone: in "rain"!!) Neil Vedder


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