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Re: por-15 TOPCOAT

From: Dave Bingaman
Remote Name:
Date: July 29, 2003


Chuck-I have used some of the POR-15 products with some mixed success. Preparation has to be properly done and it can be a hassle on large parts not easily preped with the metal ready. I have not yet used their topcoat products, but have topcoated with alternate products. In conversation with their representatives, they indicate to topcoat when the basecoat POR15 is still tacky, which I have done with good results. Otherwise, you will have to use their Tie-coat primer on cured POR15 base prior to topcoat. I am unsure if their own topcoat can go on cured base coat without the tie-coat primer. As you are aware, the base coat is extremely hard and smooth. And, you would only use a topcoat for esthetics or to protect those areas subject to UV sunlight deterioration. Your right, though. Lots of cost and work for peace of mind.


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