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clutch problem

From: Eric
Remote Name:
Date: July 29, 2003


I have a problem, I have a 1958 plymouth that i switch over to a 354 hemi and now i installed a 4-speed but alot of parts had to be cut and rewelded and i dont know what is the problem, The pedal is really stiff! I thought at first it was the pressure plate or throw out bearing but I replaced both and didn't help! I think maybe its the way the clutch pedal or rods or maybe even the z-bar are hooked up. Does anyone have a diagram of how this is supposed to work or hook-up or know of a website that does? Or if anyone that has a stick in their plymouth would be so kind as to maybe take a couple pictures for me I would be more than greatful!!!!!! This is the only thing keeping my car off the road and its getting frustrating!!!! Thanks, Eric


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