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Re: 325 58 dodge carb kit

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: July 30, 2003


Jim, the Carter WCFB rebuild kit is not hard to find, I can't recall if they're still available thru NAPA/Kragens/Pepboys, etc, but Andy Bernbaum, etc, should have them. Here's why I'm writing, tho; be sure to install the anti-washout "bushing" that is "discussed", & KINDA-illustrated, but NOT enclosed, in the "kit". I (my shop) has found that the wire-neck-crimp section of a 'standard' electrical-connector makes a 'perfect' bushing, to remove up to 90% of the wash-out condition--I say "90%", as I BELIEVE that "100%" is obtainable, by a 'better' "fitting/placement" of the bushing (or, mebbe, a longer-section of the bushing), inside the middle-section of the carb, where the bushing is installed. I'd LOVE to keep-playing with the bushing (length) & its "placement" (snorkle-height) in its 'section', inside the carb, but the carb is working really well (thanx, in part to an adjustment of the accelerator-pump linkage-to remove the start-up "hesitation") , so I don't want to keep-on opening-it-up, to fiddle with that bushing's placement--it'll still wash-out (as I found-out!) if I "race" (ahem) from a standstill, & attempt to make an immediate hard-left-turn, onto an uphill freeway entrance 'ramp' (big-time wash-out/bogsville) ["OK, you can 'go' first"] Neil Vedder


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