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aaj brakes

From: chuck lowe
Email: sprocketbuster@aol
Remote Name:
Date: July 30, 2003


started putting front end parts back on my 60 dart---everything went pretty well---UNTIL---disc brake conversion---spindle adapter didn't fit---now what do i do?????---i got the super deluxe kit back in feb.---will ROGER at AAJ even talk to me---yes he did---we talked for about 15 mins.---he explained to me that he had about 50 sets of these adapters made in one lot---by a bad machine shop which he no longer deals with---he suggested i heat it up then try putting on---after a little more talking he said forget that idea and i will send you another set---i asked about sending back bad set and he said no need to---he also told me if i end up unsatisified or for that matters if anyone is unsatisified with his kits he will buy them back---he is shipping the new ones today---ROGER bent over backwards to fix this problem---i would rate ROGER AND AAJ 110%---later---chuck lowe ps.he wanted everyone to know that mine should be the last of the bad spindle adapters---but by chance there is more give him a call and he would make good---AAJ BRAKES 503-890-1469or503-774-2626


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