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Re: neutral safety switch and backup light switch, 59 fury

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: July 31, 2003


I think you meant to say the starter relay, not voltage regulator. One side of the relay armature is supplied A+ via the ignition switch (start mode) and the other side is grounded via the neutral start switch on the tranny. Any position other than neutral opens the ground, stopping the relay from activating, thus inhibiting current flow trough the starter motor. It is really a preety robust switch that cleaning should cure of any intermittent operation. It was more common for them to leak through the insulator than for them to cease to provide the proper ground. Possible problems usaually are confined to improper shift linkage setting, and lack of proper grounding of the transmission via the braided cable from the top right bellhousing bolt to the firewall. I suppose a bad relay could also look like a neatral start switch problem, but thios can be verified by bypassing the neutral start switch at the relay wih a wire to chassis ground. If it cranks, the relay is good. hope this helps. Mike


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