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Re: 12V Conversion

From: Lars
Email: Watson come here!
Remote Name:
Date: July 31, 2003


No pitfalls. Get a 56 wiring diagram to double check and go to it. All your 6 v wires are heavy enough to do the job. Will need regulator, Generator, etc. You give no specs on accesssories so thats up to you. 6v horns will work on 12v nice and loud. Starter will turn fast on 12v. suggest U use it temporarily and find a 12v starter, maybe $15 at junkyard. U will need the ballast resistor too for ignition coil. Radio will change, U can put in anything U want now. May need to change turn signal blinker. Windshield wiper motor if electric is a biggie, need 12v. Better go to Library and find an old MoToRs manual and get wiring diagram for the 56.


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