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Re: 57 D-500 Hemi motor question

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: August 01, 2003


Matt, you've got yersef a 56 D500 engine (57's were stamped :"KD500-xxxxx", beginning w/ KD500-1001. btw, I've recorded many 57 D-500 VIN/engine data; & find that the closest 1957 D500 engine that I've seen is KD500-5030,(4030'rd built) which was cast on 12/17/57. The closest non-D500 engine, to "yours" is KDS-3811; cast on 9/21/56. I've seen several very-late Kd500's (late aug/57 production, with casting #'s of 19454-ish, so it is reasonable to presume that there were about 18,500 57 D500's built. Neil Vedder


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