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Nightmare on Black Gap St.

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 01, 2003


Well, i went to get groceries the other day for the first time in our rambler.. what a trip. That was also the same day we tagged and titled the car. After shopping, we headed off to our appointment to have the vehicle inspected. Unfortunately we never did make our appointment because somehow the car ran out of gas? We had just put like 10 bucks worth in the tank earlier that morning. So off Jon and I went... walked a mile to the nearest gas station... They were sold out of gas cans (go figure). So we bought a jug of iced tea, poured them into big 32 oz. cups.. and poured the rest out... washed it and filled it with gas before we trecked back another mile w/ gas in hand. Once back at the car.. we filled it up.. dumped a lil in the carb to fire it up.. it started.. and then stalled. Tried to crank it again, and the battery was dead. We walked to the nearby mall and called AAA (i had JUST renewed my membership earlier in the morning). Tow Truck was on the way. Walked back to the rambler.. it fired right up.. and we made it down the road maybe a mile till it quit again (and you guessed it.. the battery died while trying to restart). Tow truck arrived.. pulled the ramblr onto the flat bed.. and we peeked up underneath and realized there was a small hole at the bottom of the tank. No problem... we did a quick fix repair with some JB weld and a screw. Didn't seem to leak anymore, and we also put the battery on a charger. Drove to the Gas station to fill up... Found that gas started to gush out from the top of the tank. we drove till the car died.. halfway home. pulled off into an empty parking lot, and i waited while jon walked the rest of the way home and got the truck. We then used 2 come-a-longs and he towed me the rest of the way home, while i rode the brakes. Now i have to get the rambler to Rockville MD somehow (prolly borrow a trailor again) to have the gastank restored by "gastank renew". They haven't given me an estimate, because they want to assess the damage first. Ive heard that people have been very happy with their work. Anybody dealt with them before??? I hate having a new car and not being able to drive it!!!!! ~~ Jessica


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