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Re: 12V Conversion

From: Ted Gray
Remote Name:
Date: August 01, 2003


You are going to have to change from posite to negitive ground sytem. Radio Shack sells 6 volt zener diodes. Put them in line with the temp and fuel gauges, check for the correct polarity. The oil pressure gauge is a direct pressure gauge. The amp meter will need the leads swapped as the 6 volt system is a positive ground. You can use a generator or a alternator (fabricate the brackets) for this change. The '55 Plymouth has 2 motors for the heater and defroster you need to replace both with 1956 motors and switches. The windshield wiper motor and switch will also need to be replaced. I have converted 2 '55 Dodges to 12 volt negitive ground systems and they worked great.


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