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aaj disc brake conversion 60 desoto

From: al houghton
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Date: August 02, 2003


hey smitty, seeing as how you have done 6 of these aaj conversions i would like to pick your 60 desoto is a power brake car, i have just finished installing rogers basic kit and i used a 69 barracuda m/c because of the limited space under the booster, i used a differential switch from an 87 chrysler,i have not yet installed a proportioning valve but i am going to order one. i now have the car on the road and i am rid of the cursed O.E.M. front brakes, however i have to pump the pedal a second time and the pedal travels a long ways,your thoughts on ways of overcoming this problem would be appreciated.for the record i think that Roger and his wife at AAJ brakes are great and i would deal with them again in a heartbeat. thanks Al Houghton


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