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1960 d100 318

From: dario
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Date: August 03, 2003


i have a d100 with a 318, but the guy that gave me the truck didnt know what year the engine was, he owns a machine shop and built it but didnt remember the year. is there anything that is noticeable. i can compare it to a 69' e108 van. the only thing i remember( its been a while since i worked on it) is that i changed the valve cover gaskets and i ended up with the wrong ones the right ones werent perfectly rectangular, the bottom (exhaust manifold side) side have more of a wave or angles. I AM SORRY FOR ASKING ANY STUPID QUESTIONS im trying to learn more of my truck. also im trying to gain any info on changing the front clip. any and all info is completly appreciated. also i was wondering if i can use a newer tranny with the pushbutton automatic. i dont want to put in a column shift. i just want something i can cruise on the freeway at 65-75 without reving to the moon thank you dario


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