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Re: Vent window window channel removal????

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: August 04, 2003


Arthur, the vent window assembly can be removed relatively easily, from the door shell. If you want/need to repair/rechrome the chromed pot-metal portion, you need to take the vent window assy, (or, the car, itself, if the vent assy is still installed) to a 'good' auto mechanical-shop, to confirm that they "can" re-rivet-together the assy, after the pot-metal section is rechromed. ALSO, check their supply, or, the availability, of "identical" rivets, so that your assy can be re-united, & look like 'original'. Gary Goers sells the rubber & fuzzy "trim" for that assy--that's "all" that's necessary! But, be sure you use a good (read:expensive) re-chromer, because the chromed vent-section is VERY visible to the public, & to "educated" eyes! Neil Vedder


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