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Re: Leave no tracks, preserve the natural environment!

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 05, 2003


All I can say is, "Oooooooooooooooops!!!" :-) Or is your car equipped with the ultra rare built-in "power stand" option? ;-) My '59 will start dragging one of it's brakes if it sits more than a few weeks. The master cylinder is always full, so I don't think it's a slow leak at a wheel cylinder. That is, unless a visually undetectable amount of brake fluid seeping around a wheel cylinder piston can cause the problem. I have heard that the swelling of the rubber parts and moisture in the brake fluid can cause this, but I really don't know. Maybe Daven or Hank know the answer. As for scratchin' the tires right out front, don't feel bad. It certainly wasn't intentional. We have moronic elementary and junior high school age punks in our neighborhood who tag, vandalize or pull pranks on neighbors within twenty feet of their own houses in broad daylight! Then the little pukes can't figure out why they always get busted.


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