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Torsion bar question/comments on shocks

From: Ray
Remote Name:
Date: August 07, 2003


Based on excellent information in the archives, I have ordered HD leaf springs from Eaton for my 61 Chrysler. If I need to adjust the torsion bars to match the rear height, will the ride change? -raise the front= stiffer, lower the front= mushier ride? If it helps anyone, I installed KYB shocks and the stability of the vehicle has improved dramatically. You need to order KG5511 for the rear and KG4507 for the front- You will need to grind some off the metal insert to make the front ones fit- KYB was very helpful.It turned out to be a 2 man job because the gas shocks are under a lot of pressure(leave the shipping straps on while you install) and the clearance in the front was minimal for these larger diameter shocks. $28.00 each from Summit and $55-65 each locally. I usually try to buy locally and feel that even a 20% increase is ok - but more than 2x mail order price is too much for me.


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