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MAD Electrical

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 08, 2003


After all these months, I found the web site for MAD Electrical. These are the folks who made those wiring kits to convert to a GM internal regulator alternator. They also make relay kits so your headlights' main power draw comes directly from the battery rather than running through the switch. This can extend the life of your switch and give you brighter lights. Here is the web site: I haven't used their stuff on my Mopars yet, but I have used them on my '68 Chevy truck and my '59 Impala. If I'm putting electronic ignition, A/C and a decent stereo in my next '59 Suburban project (the two door with the Poly), I will definitely go to the GM alternator. A guy who used to live about a mile from our house used one in his modified '58 Desoto and was happy with it.


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