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Re: Torsion bar question/comments on shocks

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: August 09, 2003


Jim was correct; I tried lowering the front suspension of my 57 Dodge, w/the T/bars, & found that, while the car LOOKED "bad" (mean rake!), it had almost no suspension-travel; not a fun ride. After I installed my 'modified' rear springs ( 57 Dodge long-leafs, with 5 62Chrysler 'subordinant' leafs, I found that the rear end was sitting about 1" too-high (above the top of the rear wheel-rim)--doesn't sound like much, but the dash-mounted rear mirror "looked" too-far, behind the car; eventually, the rear springs took their 'seat', and settled down, so that the rear end now sits @ a perfect height, & is almost as stiff as a 300 (a MUCH heavier car!). My advice is to install the rear springs, and drive the car agressively, & see how "bad" the car understeers (plows) around corners. You can probably 'score' 300 T/bars, somewhere, later--I don't believe that "anyone" re-manufactures T/bars for our cars--I've got the heavier Coronet/Royal T/bars in my CRL. Neil Vedder


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