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From: Jason In Utah
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Date: August 09, 2003


okay to update everyone i have a '59 plymouth savoy which has a vibration problem. i get up to 65 on the freeway and instantly the car starts to vibrate horribly to the point of being scary. i have checked the wheel bearings. they are tight,(contrary to what i may have indicated before. I checked them again) had the old tires balanced(helped some) just put new tires on her thursday, still no help, though she dooes ride MUCH better around town, and the wheels dont follow the road on their own anymore. the former owner said it has had shocks put on recently, but i'm running out of ideas. and am wondering, could it be the shocks? also, i have no idea whether this has anything to do with it or not but, i've noticed that the drivers side of the car is sitting lower than the passenger side(no its not the tires)by about two or three inches. do i need to adjust my torsion bars?? i do have the service manuals, so i have the info on correct ride height, adjustments etc. any ideas?? do the torsion bars need to be set a little bit more stiff to cure the vibration maybe(this would possibly eliminate the ride height issue as well)? HELP! feel free to e-mail as well. thanks everyone, Jason


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