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From: chuck lowe
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Date: August 09, 2003


in the forty yrs.i have been driving there two odd scenarios that i have come across---1-belts on rear tire broken will produce front vibration at about speed you mention---2-slightly bent rim---both problems drove me crazy---the first was on a 71 chevy station wagon---i changed everything on front end-balanced-realigned---nothing worked---by chance i walked around rear of car and saw knot on rear tire---changed it problem went away---the second problem was on a 90 pontiac lemans---i wanted to dress it up a little so i put four new chromes and four new tires on---it was ok for a day or so then it developed a shimmy---to make a long story short it was a bent rim---with no signs of damage---so don't leave anything to chance---check everything---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe ps.try putting rear tires and wheels on front ---se if problem goes away---after you check for broken belts


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