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Re: MAD Electrical

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 10, 2003


I've been razzed about this quite a bit. :-) But as far as I know, Mopar hasn't made an internal regulator alternator. I won't do this to a show car, but I like to drive my car frequently and if possible, great distances. I have owned perhaps two dozen Mopars since the mid 1970s. Other than one '78 Fury Police Interceptor with the 100 amp alternator (which had its original alternator when I bought it with 88,000 miles) and my '72 Satellite Sebring,which had an alternator that lasted 122,00 miles(!), I found that the post Autolite Mopars sometimes had all sorts of charging system glitches. But I loved them all the same. As for the one wire alternators, they sometimes need additional wiring, anyway, depending upon the dash circuits. Incidently, some cars aren't even "pure" from the factory. Mopar sometimes used GM Saginaw power steering boxes, GM used Mopar New Process transmissions in some of their trucks, Ford bought plastic from AMC, AMC used Mopar Torqueflites and GM H.E.I. ignitions, etc. And when I was a kid, there were adapters available to install Mopar A-833 four speed transmissions behind GM engines because the Mopar four speed held up better. :-)


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