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Re: 58 318-rebuild questions

From: chuck lowe
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Date: August 10, 2003


there are two ways you can go for a cam---have yours reground to different specs or new---i opted for new for my 60 318---specs are 264/264 duration 440/440 lift with single 4---which will work well with my stock converter and power brake vacuum---you can try cris nielson cams (800-341-2267---a whole lot of people on the internet say he is good but i could never get in touch with him---i bought mine from daytona cams and it was the last of 4 they had---yes there are things i would do next time around---performance pistons and have larger valves put in---there are a ton of possibilities---your 318 can produce in excess of 400 hp---NO JOKE---hope i helped---chuck lowe


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