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241/270 Hemi engines

From: loveme88
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Date: August 11, 2003


Hi peoples. As a die hard superbike racer.. It was hard for me to go back to cars... But alas.. I'm getting older and starting to see the advantages of being able to drink coffee and listen to a stereo on the way to work. Windshield wipers during winter is a big plus too..... Anyways... I bought a 1956 Dodge Coronet to drive around... Its got the stock 270ci Poly in it, along with the 2 speed Powerflight tranny. I would LOVE to install a 241 or 270 Hemi into this car... Is that possible? Can I bolt in the 241 or 270 Hemi in place of my poly? or can I simply install the hemi heads, and manifolds onto my existing 270 poly block? Anyways thanks in advance... And if I can just "plop" the motor in there.. (That would rule!) Anyone got one for sale, or trade? :D I have a 440 engine and a complete 1956 Custom Royal for parts.....


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