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Re: 241/270 Hemi engines

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 11, 2003


Two ways to go in this situation. Best case is to find a complete running 241/270 Hemi to bolt in. Make sure to get the exhaust manifolds, as they are different from the polys and will be needed. Or you can convert your engine. This will require hemi head assemblies with rockers and head bolts, pushrods, exhaust manifolds and valve covers/wire covers/spark plug tubes. The blocks are basically the same, although you should check the pushrod openings in the block head face if you decide to use a higher lift cam. You can use the poly pistons with the hemi heads unless large lift is used, in which case you will most likely change the pistons to forged with higher compression rario (241s are 7:0:1 and 7.5:1, and the 270s are around 8:1 CR stock) The best quickest conversion is if you can find a 1955 Super Red Ram Hemi (270 CID). It is pretty much a bolt-in swap, and the 6V dual point distributor runs great on 12V.


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