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VIBRATION......STILL! continued..............

From: Jason in Utah
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Date: August 11, 2003


Okay, so can i get the trunnion somwhere like NAPA or is it going to be a major pain to find?? i checked the rear u-joint before when trying to diagnose this problem, and it seemed in great shape, no shifting, movement etc. felt like a new joint(it may be a new one i 'll have to ask the former owner), however, the vibration really feels like something in the front end. i just had new tires put on, and the car rides very smooth until 65mph even at 60mph its very smooth. and the steering feels great. i'll have to get under the car and check out all the steering components again though. should i try the shocks?? who carries the front U-joint??? very frustrating. i may have figured out part of the problem with the ride height as well(though i suspect the car could use new leaf springs)i think it was because the spare was on that side, so it was either responsible, or made it look worse than it is. thanks, Jason


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