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Re: VIBRATION......STILL! continued..............

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 12, 2003


I agree, and do believe that your problem may very well be due to worn front end parts. Control arm bushings will do the trick.. as will your balljoints, tierod ends, idler/pitman arm, and centerlink, ect... Chrysler has wear indicators now.. ford designates that anything more than 1/8th inch of perceptible movement is a bad part. In my opinion.. if you can move the part with just your human force.. imagine what the weight of the car and road can do. Have you checked the wheels to see if they are bent? Is the vibration specifically at 65? or does it follow you through acceleration or deceleration? If the boot on the front trunion is torn or cracked you want to replace the joint because of contamination. I dont mean to ramble on like a broken record, but to assure that you have covered all bases. Good luck, i can attest to the aggrivating troubles you are experiencing :P ~ jessica hendricks


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