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Another Vibration Story

From: Mike B
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Date: August 12, 2003


Ok, I will tewll my vibration story. I used to have a '71 Dodge Demon that i bought used in 1974. It had wide 70 series tires, 318 with a factory 3-speed manual tranny. It had a vibration that seemed to peak about 70 or 75 MPH (speed limit was 70 in those days). The car drove really well, but this vibration was agravating and really diminished the enjoyment of a long drive. As I was in the service then, we used to take some 16 hour trips on weekends and such (the stupidity of youth). At any rate, I also did everything I could to try and locate the cause. I have a relative in the tire/wheel business and he had looked it over several times, as had other proffessionals, all in vain. One day my relative called and had some pretty cool wheels that had just been swapped off of a customer car, and I could have them for a song. I went to the store, he mounted my tires on the wheels, and I was out on the road. Vibration GONE!!! I could not believe the smoothness attainable. After so long a time vibrating down the road! Turns out that the wheels that were on the car when I bought them were some kind of JC Whitney chrome reverse wheels. They were OFF CENTER!! How could everyone have missed this for so many years? Apparenntly no one (including me) had ever run any runout or off-center tests on the wheels. Within 2 months after finally having the problem solved, someone hit the car when it was parked, totalling it. Lifes little ironys. Mike


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