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another vibration story, and possible cause

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: August 12, 2003


Like many others here, i too have that annoying pulsating vibration starting at about 40 mph,and peaks about 55-60 mph. I tried an different set of wheels and tires from another car. They only made the vibration start at a little higher speed. (the tires were slightly larger than mine in diameter. I also had the torque converter replaced which did not help. I have since put in a new motor and mounts. However, when installing the new motor, i did a lot of reading about drive shaft angles and such. When driving (or when under load) The rear pinion and engine angle must be parallel. This does not mean they must be both at a 0 degree angle from the ground, but operate in the same plane, otherwise i was told a pulsating vibration, like wut i have, will occur. I noticed that my rear axel is deff not at the correct angle. Maybe everyone should take a look at the angle there pinions and engine/tranny are on. Worn springs, rasing the vehicle in the back, worn motor mounts, etc. can all change the angles and so cause vibration. I also get a very bad CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK from the rear after the car was accelerating very hard. I think its the joints. I'm gonna see if i can have a whole new custom shaft made without a ball n' trunion joint up front.


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