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From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 14, 2003


Going off of "is the motor running right" i have experienced similar vibrations with my 72 Dart. After replacing the timing chain, water pump, and front seals... the car would vibrate horribly up till about 2500 RPM and then smooth out some.. but it would still vibrate. Did the same thing in neutral.. i tore the engine apart to find that i had 2 collapsed lifters. Perhaps there is a part failing in your engine or is not functioning properly? ... engine is still in rebuild mode, so i haven't had the chance to see the difference (im sure it will be a drastic one). joe, i can say now that you should look into replacing that ball and trunion if you have a tear in that boot. It will only cause you more problem in the future.. might as well get it over with now. Not to promote where i work, but take your car to sears, or a reputable mechanic who will give a free front end check for a second opinion. I know at our shop, we have guys that have been there over 40 yrs. and have a GREAT wealth of knowledge on our cars :) ~ Jessica Hendricks


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