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Re: Help.... SemiHemi w/ no power

From: narley charlie
Email: pursue@bellsouth,net
Remote Name:
Date: August 16, 2003


Would a rear gear from a wagon automatically have a better pullng gear?Is there a trans kit to give a harder shift?I know where a wagon is w/ a 3 sp auto,but that would take away my push button shifter(the wagon is a 60).The dash on this car is totally different.Is there a parts source that specializes in poly performance.I'm not too savy on the net and the sites I do hit is not for older stuff.I have lined up a late 60's 383 w/727 I was going to install but my motor/trans is so dependable I don't want to swap it.If you know what I mean.I tell you what,I do have dual exaust,took the mufflers off and have it run out back.Pretty Quite in the cockpit.It,s no louder than them old bromaster mufflers.Thanks for all of your input,there is no other cars like mine around here to swap ideas with,but then I found this site,it is great.Thanks again,Charlie


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