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From: Paul Hoffmeyer
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Date: August 16, 2003


Lisa, it sounds like your problem is really one of getting used to the truck 4 speed. The engine/tranny combo from the '56 should install quite easily in the '57. There were a number of different transmissions used, so not sure if the '57 tranny would fit against the '56 bell housing, but it might. As far as automatics go, a cast-iron Torqueflight and its bellhousing and torque converter would bolt up to your '56 engine, just make sure it is from a V8 with the distributor at the rear of the engine, '61 or older. The automatics, however, have their mount under the rear on the tailshaft housing, so you would need a different crossmember farther back. You will also need the shift cable and pushbuttons that went with the Torqueflight. Hope this helps. Paul H


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