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PowerFlite and tall rear gears don't help your acceleration

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: August 16, 2003


Number ONE thing to do here would be to swap in a TorqueFlite, the converter and gear multiplication for off-the-line acceleration are far superior. I'd rather have a TorqueFlite finned car with a 2.93 rear axle than a PowerFlite with a 3:55 axle, the TF high ratio car would accelerate about as well as the lower ratio PF car off the line AND it would cruise so well with those highway gears. The PF car would need something like a 4:10 axle to beat a highway geared TF car off the line, no joke! Years ago I had a '61 Belvedere, 318 2-bbl. with TorqueFlite, PowerPak 4-bbl. camshaft, 3:23 open rear, 2" dual exhausts behind the log manifolds and I had NO problems keeping up with typical GM V6 sedans (and beat a few of them for good measure). The 2 bbl. had so much vacuum it would suck your hand TIGHT to the carb top instantly! I had planned to put on the 4-bbl. intake but it performed well enough as was and I never got around to it...


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