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From: Don Thomas
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Date: August 18, 2003


Hi! This is in response to Paul and Jessica's comments DOWN below concerning my post"READ THIS!RE: VIBRATIONS. The motor related theories are good, but...The poly 318 has even compression ranging from 146-149 PSI. It seems to be running on all cylinders (a professional mechanic examined it, etc.). Lower (crankshaft) pulley and balancer have been swapped without effect (see original post). The mechanic who looked at it thought that (!!!!!!) with age, the body had "tuned" itself to resonate in response to the normal level of engine vibrations. He actually mesured the vibration frequency with some funky instrument. In any case, it seems that the body rather than the motor itself is doing the vibrating- you can put your hand on a valve cover, rev it and feel the violent pulsing vibration on the fender with the car standing still, but the motor seems fine. FYI- it has mechanical lifters that I adjusted to specs, again, without affecting the vibration. Back to the drawing board!


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