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Back-Up Light Electrical Gremlin

From: Nathan Manning
Remote Name:
Date: August 18, 2003


Due to the way my yard is landscaped, I must BACK down the driveway into my carport. That said, I was returning home from a car show the other night around 1AM. While backing down the driveway in the dark... my back-up lights on my '56 Dodge suddenly went out. I stopped in the driveway and punched around on the push buttons a little. Finally, I decided to repeatedly tap the brakes in hopes of having enough light to properly align the car. As I once again started rolling and gave the car some gas... the back-up lights came on again... but whenever I hit the brakes - or took my foot out of the accelerator - the lights would again dim or go out completely. It seems that the brightness of the back-up lights is somehow directly related to the amount of acceleration. Does this mean I have a generator problem? Or is it likely a wiring boondoggle of sorts? I can live without the back-up lights... but the fact that they're not working properly is slowly driving me up the wall. I would greatly appreciate any tips or insight on this matter. Thank you in advance for your constructive advice.


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