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Re: 318 poly carbs

From: Jeffc
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Date: August 18, 2003


WCFB is Will Carter Four Barrel, this is a small square bore carb and came in a few differant sizes mainly in 300 to 400cfm ranges always under 500cfm. The easy way to ID this carb is that it will have a air horn of brass that will cross the top of the air intake part of the carb and it will have a cast iron base that will be showing surface rust unless treated and is taller than a AFB carb. You will find that the hold down bolt pattern is also smaller on the WCFB than the later AFB, though the Eldenbrock has both sets of holes to match and many AFB carb will have 2 sets of holes on each corner for this. The WCFB was the frist real 4bbl carb that was used in the US..... AFB is the later carb and is still made in some forms today (Carter Performance AFB), it has a wider spread on the four boars (same as the Holley) and parts are much easier to come by. The Eldenbrocks are based on this carb, although parts will not interchange....... Much later Carter 4bbl carbs include AVS, TQ You can use spacers on most mopar engines and often get better preformance with one; but if the bores of the cast iron intake is wider of the 2 types it's not needed. However if you live in cooler part of the world carb iceing may happen in winter driving because the carb is higher off the intake heat and air passing though the carb will decress the temp of the metal and cause the water in the air to form ice on and in the carb causing it to run way too rich. Using a Weiand intake, it already has aporx 3" rise and a spacer is not need at all because it's already set up for the later carbs large square bore carbs (Holley or Carter). However I have found that some of the Weiand castings are a little ruff. Checking for clearance before bolting a carb on is advised.


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