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From: chrycopsycho
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Date: August 19, 2003


Went out to the delapidated farm to get the last of my parts cars. The desotos and plymouths had been tough to get on the trailer but they had been at least in the open.The 56 dodge 2drht was buried front first into the forest. It had been parked in 1967. There was a 12" dimater birch growing up thru the engine compartment. Various vines and roots snaked around its frame and body. The roof was partially crunched.Surveying the scene I remarked that to my friend that it was going to be an interseting day. Unloading the generator and various grinders and gas powered cut off saws we set to work on carving up the carcass. We started at midmorning. By noon the mosquitoes and hot sun were out in full force. Our initial exhilaration was starting to fade. Every piece of chrome and stainless took infinite patience to get off unbent and intact.Rusty philips screws and inaccessible body bolts were the order of the day. Our attempts of pulling the body out into the open with a huge 4x4 met with steely resistance.The forest clearly was not going to give it up that easily. By 4pm we were tired and half wore out. My fatigue left me however as I drank a cold beer and surveyed my tidy collection of rare forward look parts.At that moment I forgot about the rigors and stresses of everyday life.Indeed I felt at peace with the mopar cosmos.


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