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Re: 318 poly carbs

From: Jeffc
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Date: August 19, 2003


Yes, dodge did make a 4bbl intake (also call a 4v intake), that's what I call a stock cast iron 4bbl intake. these intakes were options on up to the 62 model year on Dodge and Plymouth car 318 poly engines; I'm sure that they could be ordered for anouther year or two from MoPar, just not listed in books as stock equipment <could also be a option on the trucks, I just have never seen it listed>. The only markings on the intake will be firing order, penstar and/or parts number. If there is no name on your intake, more than likely it's a stock cast iron intake. The Wieand intake will have a big W with Wieand printed inside it. The poly engine most often came with the 2bbl intake with ether a Stromberg or Carter 2bbl carb, so if you have the cast iron 4bbl intake count yourself lucky. Post your carb number and we may be able to find out what it is, it should be stamped into the lower front corner of the base and/or on the tag on one of the top corners; should read something like this: 2603 S or 3234 S


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