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Re: Back-Up Light Electrical Gremlin

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: August 19, 2003


I agree with Roger, a good ground at the light socket is a good thing to have. You might also make sure that your braid from the engine to firewall is present and tight. The up and down throttle bit may also be flexing the motor a tad, causing a loose connection to flex as well. This bonding braid makes sure the body is grounded, but it is only going to show up in the rear of the car if all of the body joints, etc are good and conductive. This can cause all kinds of gremlins, from weird light displays to gauges showing incorrectly. Once I spent an inordinate amount of time chasing an engine overheat condidtion that ultimately did not exist except at the gauge. It was a missing braid that ultimately cured it and several other little problems. Hope this helps. Mike


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