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Timing Marks

From: Steve Hobby
Remote Name:
Date: August 19, 2003


I have a 62 Chrysler 413. I changed the distributor to electronic to avoid the points problem. Does anyone have a picture of the timing indicator they can scan and send to me? Apparently the previous owner of the car managed to get the drive gear out of the block. Given that this car is loaded and has a few additions, it is very hard to get to Number one to be sure it is at top dead center. But that is not the porblem, just a brief history. I am trying to see the timing indicator plate and most of it is obscured by hardware. I can only see two marks and I know there is more. Due to old age and brain death (50's will do that) I can't remember which is BEFORE and which is after top dead Center. I also can't tell if those two marks are all it is. If I have the timing set at top dead center it stalls and is hard to start. If I move it to the next mark I can see it runs and idles good, but I don't think this is correct, the starter occasionally lags from preignition. The timing mark does not jump around so I am realitively secure the chain is OK. Anybody have any ideas?


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