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"Highway HI FI" my collection is complete

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: August 20, 2003


I have been collecting Highway HI FI stuff for about 15 years now and have been building a collection by buying out other collections of records in order to try and complete a set of records. well today it happened. I purchased a collection from the estate of one of the developers of the HIghway HI FI system that worked with Peter Goldmark to make it happen. I now have A NOS player and all 42 records (41 are NOS) the leatherette spring loaded record carry case and all of the paperwork. I even have three demo records and two service tech only records. the only thing I am missing now is a car to put them in. they would be so out of place in the UTE that I would not even consider it. so the collection will be put up for sale on ebay and should probably go into a museum as I believe this is the only complete collection that exsists and it is top notch.


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