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1959 Dodge Hearse / Ambulance

From: Nathan Manning
Remote Name:
Date: August 20, 2003


Hello, Fellow ForwardLookers! I'd like to begin with my apologies... but I've searched the archive until my eyes are crossed. That said, I remember about a year ago that someone (Alumcan, I believe) had posted a link to some photographs of a 59 Dodge Hearse or Ambulance sitting in a field of high weeds... I know that ForwardLook hearses have long been discussed on these boards... but these particular images have haunted my memory in the recent weeks; and I've begun to regret not copying the pictures into my personal files. If anyone remembers a link to these photographs(or better still, has a copy) please let me know or e-mail the photos to the above address. Halloween is approaching, and those would be cool pictures to see again. Thanks for indulging my slightly off-center request.


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