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Re: 1959 Dodge Hearse / Ambulance

From: alumcan
Email: alumcanXXXXhd@XXX.XXX (wife's address, can't give it out)
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Date: August 21, 2003


Ole 'Nate! How the 'hell' are you? (gettin' any?) Promise you won't give me 'hell' for personal tirates, I'll send my WHOLE collection of FwdLk Funeral Coach, (hearse) Ambulance pictures up to "Fearless Leader" and he can post them for you/others to view again. Unless Jeff/others (?) has the collection at hand. The '59 Dodge pictures Jeff posted, were sent to me by a guy who has a Haunted House. I think around Washington/Oregon state somewhere. I stumbled into his web site again not too long ago. He orginally thought it was a '58 Chrysler in awnser to one of my 'wanted' posts, in long ago. I just wanted to 'see' if there actually were any '57/8 Chrysler Funeral Coaches out there any where. There is a 'nice' '59 Chrysler Funeral Coach up in 'Roadkill's' neck of the woods. It appeared in the '92 issue of Chrysler Power magazine. I did a trace on the car many moons ago just to see if it could be bought. After it left New York and went to Michigan area it showed up at several 300 meets along with a '300 price' The Forward Look T-shirt dude, "My DeSoto", down there in Texas, wants a FwdLk Funeral Coach, or an ambulance, to make it 'look' like a Funeral Coach for 'advertisement' for his neat shirt/decal business. Nathan, in my 'cross eyed' 6 remaning brane sells, there is someone ON THIS SITE has or had a '61 (?) Chrysler Coach or ambulance (without all the lights/stuff) for sale! I remember it was way out there on the 'left' side of the US somewhere. ??? My daughter and I took her Cadillac Coach up to a PCS (Professional Car Society) meet in Pittsburgh, PA. The big chrome bullits over the plastic Cadillac hubcap centers, the 'rumbley' dual exhaust, rear seat, checker board rear floor, and a few Harley emblems, DID NOT go over very well! The word 'Hearse' in not proper. This is what I was told. 'Hearse' is refered to a horse drawn whatever. When internal combustion motors were installed in the horse drawn Hearses, the proper name was then a 'Coach'. Oh well, each to their own names,,,,. To me it's STILL called a Hearse! Two days ago we came across the Canadian border, (I did a 'Lee Roadkill' got rid of my 300 feces, and bought a finished, to the seller, not me, '58 Belvey 'Vert) The INS border inspector, said, "WOW, nice car!" "My Dad would kill for a nice Convertible like that!" He then got on his raido telling another INS border agent, (they had to take 3 hours to search us, the Ply on the trailer, to see if somehow, it, our dirty clothes, or the bushel of blue berrys could be used for terrist acts.) "There is a old green Bronco with a nice 'old Chevy Convertible on a trailer comming up around for checking." Just as I was going to tell him the differnces between a Plymouth and a %$#&in Chiverlay, my wife grabbed my arm, and gave me 'that look' So I didn't say anything to him. They probably would have kept us for several days if I did! The INS border agant 'up there' where we had to park for the search, at least he KNEW the FwdLk cars. His comment, "Where did you get the nice Black Christine?" So I guess it's all in a name!


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