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Thanks, Jeff...

From: Nathan Manning
Remote Name:
Date: August 21, 2003


That's EXACTLY the macabre beast I've been searching for. If I didn't already have too many "scrap-irons" in the fire, I'd try to get myself behind the wheel of a machine that bizarre... Until then, I'm just gonna be happy with my '56 Coronet and my shell of a '59 Royal. Thanks again for fueling the fire. Every time I see a cool '59, it stokes my desire to complete my own project. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE and I sincerely appreciate the advice and the anecdotes of each of you. By the way, It's great to see you on here again Admiral AlumCan. Congratulations on your handy-dandy ragtop. Sounds like a completely FINtastic ride... Send us some pics.


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