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Gastank Renew

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 21, 2003


I recently had gastank problems with my 60 rambler... took it to a local radiator shop who boiled the tank, cleaned it out, and re-lined it all for 65 bucks. He also repaired about 15 holes in the bottom of the thing. If i were you, i would call around to different shops. Somebody else may be able to repair your tank for a reasonable price. If you are unable to find someone.. call this # ~~> 1800-997-3688. This is for the company called "gastank renew". The number will direct you to the closest local shop within your vicinity.. and there someone will be able to answer any question or have your tank repaired. The only problem w/ this place: they must REMOVE and INSTALL your tank for you due to liability problems. It also ensure's your lifetime guarantee... the place is expensive, but they produce quality work. Hope this helps. Jessica


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